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How to Deal with Insurance Adjusters During a Personal Injury Settlement


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    How to Deal with Insurance Adjusters During a Personal Injury Settlement

    While insurance can protect us from huge costs and liabilities in a car accident , it can also cause a lot of grief when trying to recover compensation after a crash. Dealing with an insurance adjuster can be tricky.

    Here are some things to remember when dealing with a car insurance adjuster:

    • Understand your claim, your damages, and anything the adjuster tells you. If the adjuster is using confusing terminology, say that you don’t understand. Do not agree to anything you don’t understand, and be wary of initial offers.
    • Stick to the facts. Don’t extrapolate about the situation. You are not a crash investigator.
    • Ask to speak to the same person every time you deal with the insurance company. Some companies will switch adjusters throughout the course of your claim to get you to agree to different things or confuse you.
    • Stay patient. Going through the motions of a claim with an insurance company can take weeks and even months.
    • Call a lawyer. If you believe the insurance company is being unfair or acting in bad faith, call a personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to uphold your rights. Remember, your attorney works for you while the insurance agent works for their company.
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