How the Jeffrey Klee Memorial Act Affects Wrongful Death Laws in Florida


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Jeffrey Klee Memorial Act Affects Wrongful Death Laws in Florida

The Jeffrey Klee Memorial Act was put into effect to remove the statute of limitations for filing a wrongful death claim in cases of murder or manslaughter. Generally, the statute of limitations to file a claim in Florida is two years. Under this law, families whose loved one is murdered or killed in a case of manslaughter may file a claim at any time regardless of how much time has passed.

Why the Jeffrey Klee Memorial Act was Passed 

The Jeffrey Klee Memorial Act was signed into Florida law in 2010. In 1977, Jeffrey Klee, who was 18 years old, had disappeared. According to the Sun-Sentinel, Klee’s body was not found until 31 years later. In 2008, Klee’s killer confessed, but was never charged with a crime. Not only that, but the Klee family had no recourse because of the wrongful death laws in Florida. The statute of limitations had expired long ago.

With the act now in place, wrongful death laws in Florida have changed. Now, wrongful death claims that involve homicide have no time limits. The survivors can file a claim at any time, even if the body is found many years later, as was the case in Jeffrey Klee’s disappearance. The act aims to provide closure and compensation to families who have suffered the devastating loss of a loved one.

Contacting a Lawyer 

Wrongful death laws in Florida can be complex. The new law is not retroactive, so it will not help families like that of Jeffrey Klee, but will help other families whose loved ones are wrongly killed. Contact a wrongful death lawyer from Wolf & Pravato in West Palm Beach. Call us today at (954) 522-5800 to discuss your case and discuss any applicable laws, such as the Jeffrey Klee Memorial Act.

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