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GM Recall


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    GM Recall

    General Motors Company has announced they are recalling 121,000 Cadillac ATS vehicles. This recall mainly affects the United States 97,000 of the 121,000 being sold in the U.S. The remaining 24,000 were sold in Canada, Mexico, and other locales outside of the United States. These vehicles were all model years 2013 to 2016.

    The recall is due to four known instances of fires stemming from a faulty rear defogger system. Although the fires have led to no known injuries, the car company is still issuing the recall because of the risk of fire. GM has stated that the risk is inside the “rear pillar” located on the driver’s side and is caused by a “critically weak terminal connectivity in the coil antenna module.” This module powers the rear defogger and if it is used continuously it may heat up and cause a fire. As a way of correcting this issue, dealers with perform a software update to take out the “on” function for automatic rear defogging.

    In addition to this recall, GM has previously recalled the same model years of Cadillac ATS because of an issue with the roof panel that does not comply with federal safety regulations. The previous recall affected about 63,000 vehicles.

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