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Funeral Home Negligence on The Rise


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    When a loved one passes, often the last thing on your mind is whether the funeral home or mortuary you have chosen will handle your loved one’s remains with dignity and respect, and consistent with your loved one’s end of life wishes. It can be devastating to learn that the funeral home you trusted did the exact opposite. We are one of the few law firms in the state who handle funeral home malpractice cases. Wolf & Pravato, PA, the Fort Lauderdale Funeral home attorneys, recently obtained a jury verdict of $3,500,000.00 for a family against a funeral home in Palm Beach County.

    Funeral home, burial and cremation cases can include:

    • Lost remains of a loved one
    • Mishandled cremated remains
    • Lost or misplaced cremated remains;
    • Theft of personal items
    • Unauthorized cremations
    • Negligence resulting in desecrated grave sites
    • Vandalism of grave sites or mausoleums
    • Moved or araltered grave site
    • Inadequate or improper embalming
    • Inadequate or improper refrigeration
    • Burying of the wrong decedent
    • Burial in an incorrect plot and,Stacking  of bodies in a single grave site.

    A family who has experienced the negligent behavior of a funeral home during the funeral of their loved one has the ability to bring a claim for damages against the funeral home or responsible party. The trauma of losing a loved one can be easily exacerbated by the mishandling of your loved one’s remains or other negligent behavior during the funeral. The damages can include financial loss and emotional distress, as well as punitive damages. We have achieved the highest verdicts and settlements in the state in cases involving the mishandling of funeral services and cremations. This includes a seven figure punitive damage award against a funeral home for losing the cremated remains of a families’ loved one, lying about it and forging documents to cover their tracks.

    If you suspect funeral home, burial or cremation malpractice has occurred, you should contact Wolf & Pravato immediately. Critical evidence needs to be preserved and time is of the essence. We will investigate your claim and fight for your rights.

    Call the funeral home attorneys at Wolf & Pravato, PA for a free consultation. We are handling these cases throughout the state of Florida.


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