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Ford Focus Recalls


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    Latest Recalls for the Ford Focus

    For over a year, Ford Focus ST owners have been documenting dozens of cases of stalling and erratic engine behavior just like these:

    I’ve noticed a few people with same problem. My car all of a sudden drops RPMs then dies at a busy stoplight right when it turned green. I’m experiencing a lot of the things as others with this same problem.

    When I started my car leaving from work it died in the middle of an intersection. And I almost got t-boned (I was turning right on red). This is starting to become a safety issue. What if I had my two kids in the car and I did get an accident? Anyway I’m pretty pissed.

    I’ve had this issue too, for about a month. Happens to me almost every time I exit the highway and the rpms drop. My car will stall, almost always start right back up, occasionally doesn’t want to start back up at all.

    After inquiries to Ford by Jalopnik (a weblog that covers cars, car culture and the automotive industry) and Ford’s own internal investigation, Ford is issuing a recall for a total of 159,395(133,000 in the U.S.) to correct the problem.

    The recall is limited to 2.0-liter Escape vehicles built between October 5, 2011 and April 1, 2013 at Ford’s Louisville Assembly Plant and 2.0-liter Focus ST vehicles manufactured between February 14, 2012 and October 14, 2013 at the automaker’s Michigan Assembly Plant.

    A number of these vehicles may contain wiring harnesses with splices that were insufficiently compressed during the supplier manufacturing process by one of Ford’s suppliers. Without the right amount of pressure, the splices send inconsistent signals to the powertrain’s control module, causing the affected vehicles to experience problems while driving.

    The types of driving problems associated with this defect are reduced engine power which can cause the engine to hesitate and/or stall. When the engine stalls without warning it increases the risk of an accident, although Ford says they’ve had no reports of any collisions or injuries associated with this defect.

    Ford says a notice should go out the end of September to owners of cars affected by the recall and dealers will replace the affected wiring splices for free. In the meantime, owners can go to this Ford website and enter their VIN to see if their vehicle is one of the recalled cars.

    Still have questions? Owners can call Ford at 866-436-7332 for more info.

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