Truck Accident: Challenges You May Face in a Claim



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Challenges You May Face in a Truck Accident Claim

It typically helps to hire a  personal injury attorney to fight for your rights if you are filing a truck accident claim. They work to help you recover damages you sustained in the crash.

These claims may be very complicated. There may be multiple parties involved, including drivers, trucking companies, insurance companies and more. An experienced attorney on your side may help you build a solid case to overcome the challenges of these claims.

Challenges Present in Many Truck Accident Claims 

Proving liability may be a challenge in some cases, as it’s not just the driver who may be held liable for your injuries. There are a number of other entities that may be held responsible, including the trucking company or employer of the driver; the vehicle manufacturer; the manufacturer of any defective parts; road agencies; the loading or shipping company that loaded the truck’s cargo; and more. To prove the fault of these parties, evidence is required. Without an experienced personal injury attorney , it may be difficult to come by.

It may also be a challenge to collect proper evidence in the case . To demonstrate liability of a driver, you may need evidence from their employer, such as their hours of service, logbook, driving records , drug and alcohol test results, etc. Companies are often hesitant to provide this information, as it may work against them in a suit.

In addition, physical evidence is required. Unfortunately, accident scenes are typically cleared very quickly, and by the time you have gotten to the stage in which you are filing a claim, it’s likely that all physical evidence will be gone. A  personal injury attorney will have experience in evidence gathering and can help you obtain the necessary evidence, as well as witness testimony, to build your case successfully.

Dealing with Trucking Companies in a Truck Accident Claim 

Commercial driving companies are required to have a file on every driver they Cialis employ, and drivers must keep a log of their hours to ensure they are following federally mandated hours of service regulations. Trucking companies may falsify their records, so their drivers may drive for longer periods.

These regulations aim to keep drivers rested by requiring the drivers take breaks, sleepand drive no more than a certain amount of hours at a time. Violating these terms may put the driver or other drivers on the road at risk.

What’s more, some companies may violate their own policies, not to mention laws or regulations. Policies may dictate maintenance inspection schedules, driver medical regulations, etc. Proving the company or driver was in violation could help determine liability in the accident.

Recovering Damages in a Truck Accident Claim 

An accident may cause a lot of financial anguish. Even the most minor of injuries can cost thousands of dollars to diagnose, treat and manage. On top of this, you might have lost wages and even lost earning ability. Your claim should seek to compensate you for these items and more. You could even be able to seek compensation for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life .

Hire an Attorney to Help with Your Case

There are a variety of damages to which you may be entitled; however, these must be documented and proven to be the fault of the other party or parties before you can get compensated. This is where your attorney can help. They’ll be able to accurately determine the damages you’re due and gather the evidence required to prove liability for them.

If you or a loved one was involved or injured in an accident, filing a claim may help you recover damages such as medical bills and other costs you have incurred. Get help by calling 800- 428-3476 to speak with a South Florida Truck Accident Injury attorney at Wolf & Pravato about your case.

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