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, Swimming Pool Accident Attorney

Swimming Pool Accident Attorney

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is the leading cause of injury death for children ages 1 to 4, and swimming pools pose the greatest risk of submersion injury. Additionally, for every child under the age of 15 that dies from drowning in a pool, another 10 receive emergency care for nonfatal submersion injuries.

Even though pools are a particular danger for children, it is possible for anyone to become a victim of a swimming pool accident. If your child was injured in a pool as the result of a negligent day care worker, the attorneys at Wolf and Pravato will help seek justice to those who have harmed your child.

What causes swimming pool injuries?

There are several factors that can lead to swimming pool injuries, including:

Non-fatal drowning can cause brain damage that may result in long-term disabilities including memory problems, learning disabilities, and permanent loss of basic functions.

Slipping around a pool or diving in shallow water can result in catastrophic injuries, spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries. Malfunctioning pool equipment, such as drains, can cause serious injuries, such as intestinal damage or other bodily injury that can cause ongoing health issues.

Swimming pool injuries are preventable. Proper safety precautions can keep your loved ones safe around a pool, but in the event of an accident, your family may be left with long term medical expenses. In order to help prevent accidents around a pool, the CDC recommends that a fence be placed around a pool that completely separates the pool from both the house and yard.

The fence should have self-closing and self-latching gates. Additionally, the CDC recommends you consider adding automatic locks or alarms in order to prevent access to the pool area, or to alert you if someone does.

Also, it is important to keep a pool deck clear of toys or other pool accessories that people can trip over, and so that children are not tempted to play with them while an adult is not present. Most importantly, the CDC recommends that children are always supervised when around a pool.

What damages can I receive in a swimming pool accident claim?

When pool owners fail to use effective barriers, maintain a safe pool deck or do not properly maintain their equipment, they may be held liable for any injuries that occur as a result. Near-drowning injuries, spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries can lead to long term medical problems, which can affect a person’s ability to work and care for his or herself. Wrongful death due to a swimming pool accident can leave a family with heavy financial and emotional burdens.

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