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Camp Counselors Leave Two Young Boys Behind on a Field Trip


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    Two young boys were left behind at an arcade while the rest of their group returned to their summer camp, despite warnings from other campers that the boys were missing.

    The Riverland Park summer camp took a field trip to The Game Room at Sawgrass Fields. When their time was up, counselors had rounded up the campers and were ready to leave when one boy noted that his twin brother was not on the bus. Even though the counselor was informed that there was a camper missing, the bus still left to go back to the camp, which was miles away from the arcade. It was only later that it was discovered that not only had the boy’s twin brother been left behind, but another camper had also been as well.

    The boy was too engrossed in the game he was playing and did not hear the counselors when they called for the campers to return to the buses. The boy’s mother wanted to know how her son could have been left behind. The camp director said they were looking into it and deferred comment to the City of Fort Lauderdale, which runs the camp.

    The Fort Lauderdale public affairs manager stated that the counselor in question has been terminated from employment and the city had taken steps to ensure that an incident like this one never happens again. Additional training will be conducted with all camp counselors and extra checks and balances will be set up in order to make sure all children are accounted for on field trips. The mother of the twin boys said this is the third year her sons have attended the summer camp and there has never been an issue. However, has opted to keep her kids out of camp.

    Thankfully, neither boy was harmed after being left behind by the camp counselors. However, this is not always the case in daycare negligence. When you trust your child to a daycare provider, you expect that your trust will be respected and that your child will be cared for properly. Daycare providers are expected to behave in a reasonably cautious and prudent manner while caring for your children. When this does not happen, they can be considered in breach of their legal duty.  A daycare provider’s failure to properly supervise your children or their failure to screen employees or conduct background checks to ensure that individuals are qualified to provide care are only two of the types of behavior that can be considered daycare negligence.

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