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Picking an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer for Your Claim


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    Choose an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney to Handle Your Claim

    Choosing an experienced Florida truck accident attorney to handle your claim may help you achieve a positive outcome. You can take several steps to find the attorney who is right for your truck accident case. 

    Whether you are bringing a lawsuit or insurance claim, a lawyer from our firm can assist you. Here are some ways that you can find an attorney who will serve you well.

    Research The Basics About Truck Accident Cases

    Truck accidents can be particularly complex case types. Multiple defendants may be responsible for your losses. Laws and statutes may differ from those that apply to car accidents or other types of cases.

    Understanding the basics about truck accident cases may:

    • Help you understand what to look for in an attorney
    • Ask important questions to the law firms that you are considering for your case
    • Evaluate the track records of law firms that you are considering

    If you feel it is necessary, you can do basic online research about your case type. From there, you may begin identifying specific law firms and attorneys.

    What to look for in Law Firms and Attorneystruck accident

    When choosing a Fort Lauderdale truck accident attorney to handle your claim, experience is important to consider. Other criteria you may consider are:

    • A law firm’s practice areas
    • A law firm’s case results
    • A law firm’s reputation
    • Your personal interaction with a law firm

    Here are some more details about how you can probe these points of evaluation.

    How to determine a law firm’s practice areas

    You can generally find a law firm’s practice areas on its website. You may pay specific attention to:

    • Whether truck accident cases are a specific practice area of a given firm
    • What the firm says about its expertise in the area of truck accidents
    • Any case results that the firm’s website provides

    You may value a firm that specializes in truck accident cases more highly than one that does not. Having truck accidents as a practice area may speak to the firm’s experience with cases like yours. 

    The importance of a firm’s experience 

    The Law & Society Review suggests that attorney experience can have an impact on client case outcomes.

    A firm’s experience may impact:

    • Its knowledge of the laws that pertain to your case
    • Its knowledge of what it takes to complete a truck accident case successfully
    • Its effectiveness in truck accident-related negotiations

    You can evaluate a firm’s experience through its case results. It may provide these results on its website or during a phone consultation.

    Ask about a firm’s disciplinary record

    Attorneys for the firm you are considering should have a clean ethical track record. Specific attorneys with ethics violations or other forms of discipline may not be trustworthy. 

    You can research a firm or attorney’s reputation and track record by:

    • Asking the firm’s representatives about their disciplinary record
    • Conducting online research into specific attorneys
    • Researching clients’ reviews of the firm or a specific attorney

    What former clients say about a firm or an attorney speaks volumes. This may be a strong indicator of the type of assistance you will (or will not) receive.

    Ask the important questions

    Personal injury lawyers generally offer free consultations. Once you have created a shortlist of attorneys, free consultations can be a good way to vet your candidates. Some firms may require payment for compensation, and you will have to determine if you want to pay this price.

    When you reach the consultation stage, have several questions ready. The answers you receive could help you identify the lawyer you want to handle your case. Some questions you can ask are below:

    Have you handled cases similar to mine?

    Researching practice areas and case results is a start. If you want to dig even deeper into an attorney’s experience with cases like yours, ask them.

    If a firm can give you in-depth detail about how it has handled cases like yours, it could be a good sign. If its attorneys’ experience seems sparse or lacks the detail you are looking for, this could impact your hiring decision.

    Who will handle my case?

    Law Firms handle cases differently. Some firms may assign your case to a specific attorney responsible for your case’s outcome. Others may take a more team-centric approach to your case.

    You may have a preference in this respect. Asking a firm how it will handle your case could give you insight into whether it is the right firm for your case.

    Do I have a Viable Case?

    You want a law firm that is serious about your case. If the firm cannot tell you for certain whether you have a case, then you may be left in an ambiguous position.

    You may choose a firm that:

    • I Will tell you explicitly that you have a case
    • Will provide a timeframe for completing your case
    • Tells you how soon their attorney or attorneys will begin working on your case
    • Explains whether your case is eligible based on your state’s statutes of limitations

    You should also prepare questions that are important to you. Every truck accident victim has their own questions and concerns. You should air these questions and concerns to any law firm or attorney you are considering for your case.

    Consider Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato for your Case

    Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato:

    • Handles truck accident cases
    • Has proven case results
    • Treats our clients like family
    • Has glowing reviews from our past clients
    • Will handle your case from start to finish

    We offer free consultations. You can utilize this offer to ask us any questions that you would like answered. Call Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato today at (954) 633-8270 for your free case evaluation.

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