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Evenflo Embrace 35 Harness Buckle Recall


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    Evenflo Embrace 35 Harness Buckle Recall

    EVENFLO-570Some customers have complained they have had trouble unlatching the harness crotch buckle on Evenflo’s Embrace 35 two-piece, rear-facing infant child restraints equipped with an AmSafe QT1 buckle while trying to remove their child from the seat. A buckle that does not release quickly, or possibly at all, can make it hard to get the child out of the seat quickly and increase the risk of injury in the event of a crash, fire, or other emergency. Due to these complaints, NHTSA has requested and Evenflo has agreed to a recall of the following 2011-2013 Embrace 35 models listed below:

    U.S. Model Numbers: 24502447, 24502446, 24502786, 24502787, 24502830, 24507546, 24507544, 24505003, 24505000, 24505001, 30711365, 31511040, 31511323, 31511400, 3151198, 3151953, 31521138, 46811205, 46811237, 48111200, 48111215, 48111215A, 48111218, 48111234, 48111235, 48111235A, 48111462, 48411391, 48411391D, 48411392, 48411504, 48411504D, 52911307A, 52921040, 55311138, 55311238, and 55311292

    Dates Manufactured: December 1, 2011-May 31, 2013
    These models use a harness crotch buckle that over time, may become difficult to open because of the build-up of contaminants (like food and drinks) that get inside the mechanics of the harness.

    Evenflow is requesting that consumers do not return Embrace 35 to retailers. As a solution, Evenflo is giving consumers who own these seats a free remedy kit that includes a replacement buckle and instructions for installation. If you are having problems unlatching the buckle and your remedy kit hasn’t yet arrived, cleaning the buckle should fix the problem in the interim. Here’s how to clean the buckle.

    Owners may contact Evenflo’s toll-free number at 1-800-490-7591, or visit their website at if they have questions or want to see if their seat is impacted by the recall.

    Evenflo says that there is no risk if the buckle is functioning normally. These convertible car seats and harnessed boosters meet all requirements for crashworthiness under the federal FMVSS 213 and CMVSS 213 safety standards and can continue to be used safely, as long as you’re not having trouble unlatching the buckle.

    Evenflo is conducting a customer awareness campaign to address Evenflo Embrace 35 models equipped with an AmSafe QT3 buckle which are not part of this safety recall with the additional resources and videos listed on their website.

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