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Car Insurance Claim Process: Insurance Company Not Paying the Claim?


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    The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) reports that the biggest complaint claimants file stems from delays in the claim process (21.73 percent). The other top two complaints are denials (15.29 percent) and dissatisfaction with settlement (13.82 percent).

    When the car insurance claim process is delayed or the insurance company is not paying your claim fairly, it can be frustrating. Although the reasons sometimes are legitimate, it could also be an attempt to stall negotiations or to avoid payment. If this has happened to you, consult a Boynton Beach car accident attorney about the legal options you may have to get the process moving.

    Reasons the Car Insurance Claim Process Is Delayed

    Is the insurance company not paying a claim? It can sometimes feel like your hands are tied when this happens. While awaiting a decision, your medical bills accumulate. If you’re seriously injured, you may be unable to work, which further could complicate your financial situation.

    Unfortunately, the claims process can be delayed for a number of reasons. Of course, one reason the process may be delayed is a lack of information. It’s very important that you are prepared before filing a claim. Make sure you have all of the necessary documentation and that all paperwork has been completely and accurately filled out. A Boynton Beach car accident attorney can ensure you have all the necessary paperwork completed properly.

    In some cases, information may be lost in some cases due to human error. In others, the case simply may be complicated. Unfortunately, another reason for a delay is that the insurer is trying to avoid paying the claim. The insurance adjuster may be looking for holes in the evidence provided or may attempt to manipulate facts in their favor.

    What You Can Do When the Car Insurance Claim Process Is Delayed

    From the point at which you were injured in an accident, the claims process really begins. Although you might not have filed paperwork formally or even contacted the insurance company, it is the start of building a strong case.

    Assembling evidence at the scene of the accident and keeping careful records afterward may help prevent unnecessary delays.

    Make sure you write down the name of anyone you talk to, as well as his or her phone number, and the date and time of the conversation. Note what was discussed, too, so that if the insurance company attempts to not pay your insurance claim unjustly, you have the notes to return to if necessary.

    Keep an ongoing journal of communication with the insurance company and anyone else involved, such as your doctor. Be sure to assemble all of your documentation (such as receipts, accident reports, photographs, medical reports) in a folder where it can be easily accessed.

    If you are not hearing from the adjuster, keep following up. If there are unreasonable requests on behalf of the insurance company, such as documentation that isn’t relevant or providing copies of something you previously submitted, it could be an attempt to delay or deny your claim.

    This also could be a way to wear you down, with the intention of getting you to settle the claim quickly. When the car insurance claim process is taking too long, and you are getting frustrated by your financial situation, it could make you an easy target for getting less than what you deserve.

    Consult a Boynton Beach Car Accident Attorney

    When you run into these unnecessary delays or if your case is complex and/or you have been seriously injured in an accident, speak with a Florida car accident attorney at the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato.

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