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Can I Sue a Bar or Nightclub If a Bouncer Assaulted Me in Florida?


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    Can I Sue a Bar or Nightclub if a Bouncer Assaulted?

    You may be able to sue a bar or nightclub if a bouncer assaulted you. If a bouncer becomes aggressive without cause, and you are harmed as a result, you may have a valid claim for assault against the bouncer as well as a premises liability claim against the business. In a case like this, you may be able to sue the nightclub and the bouncer for negligent security injuries.

    What is the Premises Liability for Bars and Nightclubs?

    Just like stores, restaurants, and other places of business, bar and club owners owe their guests a safe and hazard-free environment to have fun. Therefore, they are liable for injuries to their guests caused by their employee’s negligence or aggressive behavior. If an employee of the nightclub fails to exercise reasonable care and injures a guest, the bar has breached its duty.

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    How to File a Nightclub Injury Claim?suing bar after assault

    If a nightclub or bar is found liable for your negligent security injuries, you may be able to recover compensation for damages including your medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and mental anguish. For more help contact a Fort Myers personal injury lawyer.

    A bouncer can refuse to let you into a club or bar if you are too intoxicated, not complying with club policies, or violent and disruptive. A bouncer should not make physical contact with a patron in the bar unless it is absolutely necessary.

    They are trained to de-escalate situations using their voice first. They must first ask that person to leave. If the person does not leave, the bouncer should call the police or escort the patron out.

    You Must Prove You Were Not the Aggressor

    If a person is intoxicated and throws the first punch, the bouncer has the right to engage the patron in self-defense. The only time a bouncer can use physical force is when a patron is committing a crime or injuring another patron.

    What is Negligent Security to Suing Bar After Assault?assaulted by bouncer settlement

    In some cases, a bouncer can be sued for assault. However, bouncers may not be able financially to compensate for an injured person. In cases such as these, the person who was injured can sue the nightclub or bar for negligent security or negligent hiring and contact a Fort Lauderdale negligent security lawyer for more help. If you were the victim, you may be able to claim that the nightclub was negligent because it did not conduct a criminal background check on the bouncer. The club can also be liable if there were not enough security personnel on the premises.

    Negligent Security Injuries: Bouncer Laws and Regulations

    Negligent Security Injuries can range from a minor wrist sprain to a traumatic brain injury. If you were assaulted by a bouncer, document the incident, get medical attention, get a copy of the police report, and get the contact information for the bar owner, bouncer, and any witnesses.

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    Our Lawyers Help in Assaulted by Bouncer Settlement

    The Florida personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato at (954) 633-8270 can help you if you have been injured by a bouncer in a club or bar. Call them for a free negligent security injuries case evaluation. Get the justice you deserve.


    Can you sue if you get assaulted?

    You can sue if you get assaulted by a bouncer. You can file a premises liability lawsuit against the bar or nightclub as the business must keep its patrons safe. When a bouncer assaults you, the business can be held liable for an employee’s actions. A business is responsible for its bouncer’s troublesome behavior.

    Can you sue a bouncer for doubling you?

    If a bouncer is unnecessarily aggressive toward you, resulting in injuries, you can file a claim against the bouncer. A bouncer should not exhibit aggressive behavior toward a guest unless the guest is dangerous, and the bouncer is protecting other guests. You will have to prove you were not a threat and gather other evidence for your assault claim.

    Can you sue a bar for overserving?

    Unless a bartender served an underage individual or someone with an alcohol addiction that they were aware of, you cannot sue a bar for overserving, according to Florida Statutes § 768.125. A bar is not responsible for the actions of an intoxicated patron if they are of lawful drinking age.

    Can you press charges for a bar fight?

    Yes, you can press charges for a bar fight. You can sue a bar or nightclub for negligent security if the bouncer should have escorted another patron out for their disorderly conduct before a fight. You can press charges against the person who assaulted you, too. You can hold them liable for your injuries as they were picking a fight and harmed you.

    Can you press charges if someone fights you?

    Yes, you can press charges if someone fights you. A heavily intoxicated person may choose to assault you without provocation, resulting in you getting injured. You can file an assault claim against them and potentially receive compensation for your damages. If they cannot compensate you, the bar may be able to as the fight occurred on the bar’s property.

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