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In 2013, the rate of C section births in the U.S. was 32.7 percent, much more than the 10 – 15 percent of “medically necessary” C-sections recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO.)

A physician may recommend a c section as the choice of delivery for several reasons. Some of the more common reasons includes:

  • Placental difficulties, such as placental eruption, placental insufficiency, and placenta previa
  • Rupture of the uterine
  • The baby is in the breech position
  • Umbilical cord prolapse (when the cord slips into the vagina)
  • Fetal distress
  • Prolonged labor, with no progress
  • A prior C-section delivery
  • Preeclampsia
  • Diabetes
  • Genital herpes (active)
  • An infant diagnosed with a birth defect
  • Twins or multiples or a baby too big to pass safely through the birth canal

Injuries to Mother During Child Birth Caused by C-Sections

Like any major surgery or operation, there can be medical complications with C-sections, including damage to other organs, internal bleeding, blood clots, hemorrhaging, anesthesia injuries or allergic reactions, or infection. Most doctors are well-equipped to deal with C-section complications, but there are instances when the mother is unnecessarily harmed as a direct result of medical errors and negligence.

Injuries to Baby Caused by C- Sections

Some issues regarding physician negligence during C-section surgery that may harm the baby include:

Fetal lacerations (cuts, scrapes, and other similar injuries) range from mild to serious, and may lead to a host of other health issues, including Erb’s paly, Klumpke’s palsy, fractures, cervical cord injuries, and more.

Breathing problems are more likely to occur to babies delivered by C-section. It’s important that babies are constantly monitored after delivery because breathing problems can lead to respiratory distress syndrome and other long-term health complications.

Delayed C sections, despite warning signs of fetal distress or maternal distress, can lead to many types of c section injuries including birth injuries and even infant death. Other issues may include lack of oxygen leading to infant brain damage, cerebral palsy, and/or autism, a heightened risk of physical injuries and physical developmental delays.

Do I need a lawyer if I have a c-section injury?

Millions of dollars in settlements are awarded to malpractice victims each year. Physician malpractice is defined as “an act or omission by a doctor which deviates downward from the established standard of care in the medical community, and as a result of that deviation, the patient is unnecessarily harmed.”

If you or your baby were injured due to doctor negligence during a C-section, you may be wish to file a claim against the doctor or the hospital where the injury from C-section occurred. At Wolf & Pravato, we handle a full range of birth injury cases, c section injuries.

If your child suffered any birth injuries, including brain damage, because of medical negligence, our birth injury lawyers are here to help you get the compensation you deserve. We can thoroughly and quickly review your case at no charge. If we accept your case, we will pursue maximum compensation.

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