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    The attorneys at Wolf & Pravato are the FIRST legal team to file a lawsuit based on this recall!

    Abbott Diabetes Care and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a voluntary recall of the FreeStyle ® Blood Glucose Test Strips. The faulty strips may produce erroneously low blood glucose results when used with a FreeStyle ® blood glucose meter built into the OmniPod Insulin Management System.

    This is a CLASS 1 RECALL! According to the FDA, Class 1 Recall is “a situation in which there is a reasonable probability that the use of or exposure to a violative product will cause serious adverse health consequences or death.”

    Lawsuit Filed Against Abbott Laboratories, Inc. et al.

    FreeStyle ® Blood Glucose Test Strip lawsuit has been filed against Abbott Laboratories Inc., Abbott Diabetes Care Inc. and Abbott Ireland Diabetes Care, because of the company’s disregard for their customers’ well-being. Instead of staying loyal to the people they serve, Abbott Laboratories, Inc. decided to ignore the medical device safety rules – rules that were put in place to protect the consumers from serious medical complications or even death.

    The lawsuit filed by the attorneys from Wolf & Pravato is the very first lawsuit in United States filed in response to the Class I Recall of defective FreeStyle ® Blood Glucose and FreeStyle® Lite Blood Glucose Test Strips that – may cause inaccurately low readings when used with either of the following products:

    • FreeStyle ® Flash Blood Glucose Meter
    • FreeStyle ® Blood Glucose Meter
    • Insulet OmniPod ® Insulin Management System.

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    Urgent Class 1 Recall of Abbott FreeStyle ® Blood Glucose Test Strips Explained

    This urgent Class 1 Recall has been issued by three separate legal entities: Abbott Laboratories Inc., Abbott Diabetes Care Inc., and Abbott Ireland Diabetes Care.

    The object of this recall was a line of defective products used by people with diabetes in order to self-monitor their blood glucose levels – an activity required for a diabetic in order to function properly and quite literately a matter of life and death. The products in questions are strips for blood glucose levels testing, more specifically the Freestyle ® Blood Glucose Test Strips and FreeStyle ® Lite Blood Glucose Test Strips.

    The cause of the recall is the possibly erroneous low blood sugar reading produced by the test strips in question when used together with particular glucose measuring devices and insulin management systems. Those devices include the FreeStyle ® Blood Glucose Meter, the FreeStyle ® Flash Blood Glucose Meter, as well as the Insulet OmniPod ® Insulin Management System.

    The faulty readings produced by the FreeStyle ® Testing Strips may make a person think their glucose level in their bloodstream is are lower than it is in reality. Such misinformation can have a very serious medical consequences and may even result in the person’s death.

    Far-Reaching Consequences of the Urgent Recall of FreeStyle Glucose Level Testing Strips

    According to the estimate by the American Diabetes Association, there are 25.8 Million people in the United States with diagnosed and diagnosed diabetes. This number includes both adults and children who are dependent on devices such as the FreeStyle ® Test Strips to monitor their blood-sugar levels in order to manage their disease and lead at least semi-normal lives. They trust that the readings they get from medical devices, sold by huge pharmaceutical companies, are accurate. When such a corporation fails to abide by safety rules and manufactures, then distributes defective products, they put the lives of all these people – adults and children alike – in grave danger. Such a situation affects the lives of thousands of people in the United States and Worldwide. This is why the legal team at Wolf & Pravato decided to act quickly and file a lawsuit against the negligent corporations. We are here to protect the interests of those people who put their trust in Abbott Laboratories and were let down. We are advising all those affected to file a lawsuit as soon as possible. Our attorneys are just a call away and are ready to help and guide you through this process and ensure that you receive a fair compensation for your pain, and suffering, as well as any other expenses, such as medical bills or the opportunity cost of lost wages if the faulty test strips made it impossible for you to work during the recovery process. Once again, we can be reached at (800) 428-3476 or by filling out the contact information form located below.

    The voluntary recall has been announced in November of 2013 by three corporations: Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Diabetes Care and Abbott Ireland Diabetes Care. Since then, the recall has been modified and expanded into an Urgent Product Recall, which has been distributed to consumers – see links below:

    >> FDA Recall, November 18, 2013
    >> Abbott Diabetes Care Press Releases & Notifications
    >> Abbott Diabetes Care Product Recall, February 19, 2014
    >> Abbott Diabetes Care FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitoring System Recall

    While Abbott Diabetes Care promised to replace the faulty strips at no cost to the consumers, there have been instances reported of victims who were not fully reimbursed for the recalled test strips. As of now, the company is providing only 400 testing strips without replacing all of the strips purchased by some of their customers. Unfortunately, those who elected to buy the strips in bulk are now left with big amounts of unusable testing strips. To date, there has been no action taken by the company to reimburse customers for the thousands of strips that were used in the past and provided inaccurate results.

    Unfortunately, for many the damage done by the use of the defective product goes much further than the financial loss of buying a useless product. A lot of Abbott’s customers have suffered major health problems caused by the improper glucose level readings provided by the FreeStyle® Test Strips. The legal team at Wolf & Pravato believes that Abbott should be held liable for any case of wrongful death, as well as any instances of pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages caused by their product that failed to provide accurate people that put their lives on the line by trusting that the FreeStyle® Test Strips provide accurate results.

    As of now, a class action lawsuit or any individual lawsuits against the liable corporations is the only avenue for many of the victims to receive fair compensation for their losses. As the first law firm in the United States to initiate a lawsuit, in this case, the attorneys at Wolf and Pravato are ready to fight for the rights of the consumers who have suffered as a result of the negligence of these companies. If you are such a person or if it was your family member or a loved one who suffered due to the inaccurate results provided by the FreeStyle® Test Strips, please do not wait – call our trial lawyers today at (800) 428-3476 or fill out the Free Consultation Form below to schedule your free consultation during which you will meet with a Fort Myers personal injury attorney from the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato to discuss your case and evaluate your options to select the best course of action for you and your family. Do not hesitate, call or email us today!

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