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14 Tips for A Safe and Happy Labor Day


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    It’s been a long, hot summer for most of the country and now Labor Day is right around the corner signaling the end of the season and the start of a new school year. For many Americans, Labor Day weekend is the last big blowout before the daily grind of fall and winter arrive. Unfortunately, any time we get together to celebrate, it’s also a good idea to review some basic safety tips so that you can make sure your Labor Day weekend is a safe one that is memorable for all the right reasons.

    Sun protection—Since this is the official end of the summer, it makes sense that you will probably be spending some time enjoying the weather and sun before the cooler temperatures and winter weather hit your area. If you do plan to enjoy the sun this Labor Day, be sure that you stay safe by following these rules:

    • Wear a high-SPF sunscreen when you are outside, even if it is cloudy or overcast. The UV rays can still come through on a cloudy day and cause a burn.
    • Reapply the sunscreen about every two hours. If you are swimming, be sure to use a waterproof sunscreen and reapply every time you get out of the water.
    • Protect areas like your neck and ears with a large hat or some other form of shade like a lawn umbrella.
    • Wear light colored clothing that is also light to wear. Heavy clothes will make you hot and sweaty that could lead to dehydration. Dark clothes like black will absorb sunlight and thus absorb heat.
    • Stay hydrated. The easiest way to get sick in the sun is to not drink enough water to stay hydrated. This also means steer away from sodas and alcohol that will not properly hydrate you.

    Water safety—If you plan to cool off with one last swim in the pool or at the lake, then you need to focus on water safety as well. Here are some important tips in this area:

    • Designate a “water watcher.” This would be the person that is meant to stay out of the water and be the designated person who will watch everyone to make sure that nothing happens to them.
    • Make sure that everyone in your swimming party knows how to swim and those that don’t should be wearing a life jacket. Also, you should never allow children to swim alone or be unsupervised around water.
    • Keep pool areas clear of obstructions. If someone trips and falls, then it’s possible that they can fall into the pool and drown.
    • Install a security fence around your pool to keep out neighborhood kids who might try to sneak in and swim unsupervised while you are out.

    Pet safety—If you own pets, then the holidays can be just as stressful or potentially harmful to them as they are to you. To prevent injury to your pets, be sure to follow some of the same rules as your own safety:

    • Keep your pet hydrated with a big bowl of cool water so that they do not become overheated.
    • Be mindful of potentially harmful chemicals such as sunscreens and insect repellant as well as other items like matches and lighter fluid. If your pet gets a hold of these items, they can become ill and potentially die.
    • Watch your food as well. Certain picnic staples such as grapes, onions, and chocolate can be toxic to pets.

    Tech savvy protection—One of the newest tools to stay safe are technological advancements in the form of apps. The American Red Cross has several apps available that can help alert you to dangerous weather conditions. These can also help you in the event of an emergency to get the help that you need as quickly as possible.

    The upcoming holiday weekend is the perfect time to relax with family and friends one last time before the summer ends. But make sure that you stay safe so that the end of summer won’t be the end of your fun.

    Happy Labor Day Weekend from The Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato!

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