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What You Need to Understand About Dental Malpractice


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    Understand About Dental Malpractice

    Dental malpractice can have tragic consequences. While most do not associate dentistry with such serious outcomes as wrongful death, it is a possibility. Even if the consequences of your dental malpractice event were not so grave, they should be taken seriously, as you could be entitled to compensation for your malpractice losses.

    Recognize When You Have Been the Victim of Dental Malpractice

    It is not always immediately clear when you have been the victim of wrongdoing. Any dental health professionaldentists, their assistants, or anyone else who did work on your mouth—may be liable for your losses. You may feel that everything is fine when you leave the office only for symptoms to arise hours, days, weeks, or months later.

    It is unfortunate when these kinds of injuries occur, but you may have the chance to fight for the compensation you deserve. A review of dental negligence revealed that malpractice may occur in a number of instances, including when:

    • A dentist fails to diagnose a serious condition, causing it to get worse Dental Malpractice
    • A dentist incorrectly diagnoses a condition, leading to unnecessary procedures and the underlying, undiagnosed condition worsening
    • Unnecessary treatments are performed for any reason
    • Treatment is performed on the wrong tooth or area of the mouth
    • Unclean, unsterilized, or rusty dental equipment is usedwhich can lead to serious infection and worse
    • Serious injury during treatment that was not within the purview of the procedure is caused
    • A dentist fails to obtain and consult a patient’s medical history before conducting any procedure
    • A staff member errs in administering anesthesia

    If you were the victim of one or more of these forms of dental negligence (or another error not listed here), then you may have a case for compensation. Dental errors of these kinds can be truly life-altering, leading to more serious problems and lingering health effects. 

    Seek Compensation if You Are a Victim of Dental Malpractice

    The effects of dental malpractice can leave you in constant agony, unable to work, and in a diminished state of life. If a dental professional is at fault for your pain and suffering, then you may decide to call a lawyer to speak about your legal recourse for compensation.

    Our Lawyers Help You To Sue a Dentist

    A lawyer will be able to handle your case from start to finish. They will start by speaking with you at length about your case and the circumstances surrounding your injury, then your lawyer will:

    • Create an official record of your dental malpractice claim
    • File your case within the appropriate channels as soon as possible
    • Obtain any available evidence pertaining to your case
    • Seek out similar claims of wrongdoing against the defendant
    • Obtain evidence of how the dental malpractice has negatively impacted your life
    • Bring your case to a resolution, whether through a judgment or settlement
    • Defend your rights throughout the process

    You deserve representation if dental malpractice has turned your world upside down. Allow a lawyer to help you pursue the compensation to which you may be entitled.

    Call Our Team to File a Claim Against Dentist

    You may be able to get compensation for:

    • Medical costs
    • Income that you lost while recovering
    • Pain and suffering

    Call the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato today at (954) 633-8270 for a free consultation. We give attorneys a good name, and we will treat you just like our own family.

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