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Will homeowners insurance cover a stolen car or vehicles in Florida?


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    Homeowners’ Insurance Covers a Stolen Car or Vehicles

    If your car or another vehicle was broken into and items were stolen from it, those items are usually covered by homeowners’ insurance to cover for theft. If your car or another vehicle was stolen, however, the car or vehicle itself is usually not covered by homeowners’ insurance. Even car insurance does not cover vehicle theft. To cover a stolen vehicle, you must purchase comprehensive coverage from your insurer.

    Types of Insurance Coverage and Losses Covered in Car AccidentWill homeowners’ insurance cover a stolen car or vehicles

    There are many different types of insurance coverage that you can purchase depending on your needs.

    Homeowners’ insurance is used to cover theft or robbery from your home. It also is used to cover the lost property from elsewhere, such as from your car or another vehicle if it was broken into. Damage and destruction that occurs to your property via vandalism, fire, and specific natural disasters, based on the terms of your policy, are usually covered. Slip and fall accidents and other personal injuries are usually covered as well if someone is hurt or injured on your property. To know more contact the car accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

    Flooding and/or Earthquakes Not Come Under Homeowner Insurance

    There are many catastrophes such as flooding and/or earthquakes that usually do not come under general homeowners’ insurance and require specialized insurance.

    The type of insurance that covers your car if it is stolen is comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage can be used to pay for repairs or to replace your car or other vehicles if they are stolen or damaged by anything other than a collision. To cover car or vehicle damages or losses that result from a collision, you would need collision coverage. Comprehensive coverage can also be used to cover theft, vandalism, and damage that occurs to your car or vehicles from natural disasters, falling objects, and animals.

    Determining Your Car Insurance Coverage Needs in FloridaCar Insurance Coverage

    You need to choose the right type of insurance that will pay for theft or damage to a car. As is clear from the discussion above, it is incorrect to assume that your general vehicle insurance policy will cover car theft, and it is also incorrect to assume that your car or other vehicle policy will cover lost or stolen items from your vehicles.

    Florida Homeowners’ Insurance Policy to Cover Losses

    Use a homeowners’ insurance policy to cover losses to your home or property to include items stolen from a car or other vehicles. Use comprehensive coverage to cover yourself in case of auto theft and for repairs that arise as a result of anything other than a collision. Use collision coverage to cover vehicle damages and losses that arise from a vehicle collision.

    Avoid Double Coverage For The Same Losses

    It is important to remember that, depending on the fine print of your policy and the services offered by your insurer, different policies may cover the same losses. To avoid double coverage for the same losses, and potentially paying twice for the same coverage, carefully read your policy’s rules. Determine the types of coverage you need and then look into policies that cover all of those accident types. You may be able to add or remove individual services if you are already covered by an existing policy.

    Contact The Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato to Learn More 

    The Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato can help you with handling a car insurance claim for a stolen car or other stolen vehicles. Call us today at (954) 633-8270 to learn more. The immediate aftermath of a vehicle break-in or a car theft can be a distressing time, and you will rightly be very worried about what happens next. Contact our offices to learn more about how car theft, homeowners’ insurance, and claims related to these types of policies are handled.

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