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What Is Uber Insurance Coverage for Passengers?


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    Uber Insurance Coverage for Passengers

    When Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies first came on the scene, there was a lot of confusion about how drivers needed to handle insurance, what their insurance policies would cover, and which policy paid for injuries to passengers. All too often, the driver’s liability policy refused to pay out when the driver caused an accident because they were using their personal vehicle for ridesharing.

    uber accident coverageWhat are the Uber/Lyft Insurance Claims?

    Thankfully, most states now require rideshare companies to provide insurance for rideshare drivers. The insurance coverage generally includes contingency coverage when the driver is ready to accept rides but is not yet matched with a rider, and third-party liability coverage once they match with a rider and after they pick up a passenger. A lawyer knows how Uber’s policy works and how to recover compensation for passengers in accidents.

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    Can Uber Have a $1 Million Policy to Cover Passenger Injuries?uber insurance

    According to Uber, all drivers have insurance coverage that kicks in when they are en route to pick up a rider and during a trip when they have a passenger in the car. This policy provides $1 million in liability coverage per covered accident.

    This $1 million will provide coverage for the injured rideshare passenger as well as any occupants of other vehicles who suffer injuries if the Uber driver causes an accident. Coverage could include:

    What includes in the List of Uber Insurance Coverage?

    • Medical Care Costs;
    • Ongoing Care;
    • Lost Wages;
    • Out-of-pocket costs; and
    • Other related Expenses

    Uber Insurance Also Cover Bodily Injury Coverage

    Uber also provides uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage for bodily injury that can kick in if another motorist caused the accident but does not have adequate insurance coverage to pay for the rideshare passenger’s care. Uber providing uninsured/underinsured coverage ensures all rideshare passengers have at least $1 million in coverage no matter who causes the accident or whether or not they have insurance. For more information call an accident lawyer.

    Can Uber Provides Contingent Coverage Any Time a Driver Be on the App?

    In the past, it was an issue for Uber drivers when an accident occurred while they were “on the app” and waiting for a ride request. Too often, the driver’s auto insurance company refused to provide coverage because they were using their car for ridesharing and that violated the terms of their policy. However, the Uber policy did not provide coverage for them because they were not yet matched with a rider.  

    Uber Insurance Coverage Will Kick your Personal Insurance Policy

    Now, this issue has an answer. Uber provides liability auto insurance coverage that will kick in if your personal auto insurance policy refuses to payout. This policy covers injuries and property damage suffered by drivers and passengers of other vehicles in an accident caused by the Uber driver.

    Called contingent coverage because it offers a contingency plan when there is no other insurance available, Uber’s policy kicks in only when the driver’s personal policy will not. It provides:

    • $50,000 in bodily injury per person injured in the accident
    • $100,000 in bodily injury per accident for all victims
    • $25,000 in property damage per accident

    It is also worth noting that the driver’s personal insurance company and the policy the Uber driver carries with that provider should cover accidents that occur when the driver is “off the app” or otherwise not available for rideshare rides.

    What is the Uber Insurance Coverage to Navigating Your Claim?

    Our Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys understand how to file a claim and demand the compensation you deserve for your Uber accident injuries as a passenger in a Florida rideshare accident. We can help you pursue a payout in your rideshare accident case. Our team can take on even the most complex car accident cases. Uber and Lyft accident cases can be notoriously difficult to navigate, but a Fort Lauderdale Uber accident lawyer will pursue damages on your behalf that include:

    • Medical care costs;
    • Ongoing care and future care;
    • Repair or replacement of damaged personal property;
    • Lost Wages and Benefits;
    • Diminished earning capacity;
    • Pain and Suffering Damages; and
    • Mental Anguish.

    Many drivers work for both Uber and other rideshare companies such as Lyft. It is imperative to know whether they were on the app or not and who your ride was through at the time of the accident. Both companies provide similar insurance coverage, but we need to build our case and file a claim with the correct insurer.

    What happens if you are involved in an Uber Accident?

    It seems like every aspect of our culture is changing radically, from the way we get our entertainment to the way that we communicate with others. So it should come as no surprise that transportation has changed substantially as well. We may still be only a few years away from completely automated cars that drive you everywhere, but the field of taxi driving has meshed with the possibilities of the smartphone in the form of Uber. But, like many aspects of technology, the law is quickly catching up with these new advances. For instance, what happens if you are involved in a wreck with an Uber driver? Here is what you need to know from a legal standpoint if this happens to you.

    uber accident lawyerWhat exactly is Uber?

    For the uninitiated, Uber allows users to order a cab ride on their smartphone or tablet. A freelance driver who uses his or her own car then answers the call and picks you up. Uber is not a taxi-service as such. It allows private drivers to act as cabbies and pick up the fares, for a cut of the fee. Instead of a single taxi cab company, Uber “employs” multiple freelancers who set their own hours and handle their own pick-ups from the app. Because of this “freelance” status, the law may be a bit murky for some trying to determine who is ultimately responsible for an accident involving an Uber driver.

    Who pays in the event of an accident?

    As with other types of car accidents, who pays all comes down to who is found to be at fault in the accident. If you are driving your car and are involved in an accident with an Uber driver, then your insurance company will be liable if you are found to be at fault in the accident. Depending on your particular insurance coverage, your insurance company may be on the hook for the damages to the other person’s car, damages to your car, and medical expenses. If the other driver is at fault, then your insurance will probably have to pay out for these areas in the short-term until they can recoup the money from the other driver’s insurance company. It is possible, however, to go to court to obtain a payout above the basics handled by insurance. If you are not at fault and you bring such a suit against an Uber driver for negligence, then you may be able to recoup medical expenses, damages, lost wages and earning potential, and compensation for pain and suffering.

    What should you do if you are involved in an accident with an Uber driver?

    As with any type of automobile accident, the key is to not panic and act out of anger. Instead, the first thing you need to do is notify the authorities and, if necessary, an ambulance. The police will be necessary to make an official report and determine who is at fault in the accident. You should also make sure to get the license plate of the car that has hit you on the off chance that they decide to flee the scene. In addition, you should exchange your information with the other driver including your driver’s license info and your insurance info. Next, be sure to get pictures of the cars to document the damage as well as the location of the vehicles in relation to each other. This may be necessary to determine who is at fault in the accident. Additionally, speak with any witnesses to the wreck and get their contact information as well since their testimony may be necessary if the case goes to trial at a later date. Last but most certainly not least, you should never admit that you are at fault. This can be used against you at a later date. Contact lawyer for more information.

    One of the main differences between being involved with an Uber driver in an accident and a regular driver is that the Uber driver will probably carry more insurance coverage than the average driver on the road. This is because the company will require them to have extra insurance in case of such an event. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident involving an Uber driver, then it is imperative that you speak with a skilled attorney who understands the new implications of this type of car service. The Florida uber accident attorneys at the law offices Wolf & Pravato have this experience and can provide you with a free appraisal of your case so that you can learn about your rights in such a situation.

    Florida Uber Accident AttorneysHurt in an accident with Uber?

    We are in the “Age of the Uber” when car services triumph carpools, and taxi cabs are almost obsolete. One tap of a button on your phone and a car is right out front ready and waiting to bring you to your destination. You don’t even necessarily have to have a wallet with you, as all transactions are seamlessly taken care of through the App. It’s convenient, efficient, and safe — or so you think.

    What happens when Uber goes from a safe choice for a disaster?

    It’s not something people like to think about, but it’s important to take into consideration because Uber and Lyft are deemed “professional” ridesharing services, people often overlook the fact that the drivers are still human beings, just like you and me, and accidents can happen. Anytime you get into a car, you run the risk of being in a car accident. Be it at the fault of the driver or circumstances beyond their control, there is a chance of it happening, and it is up to you to know how to handle the situation should it occur.

    Florida Uber Insurance Coverage

    Fortunately, in Florida, Uber or Lyft drivers are required to carry substantial insurance coverage to protect their passengers and to protect the other drivers when the Uber or Lyft driver is at fault. There are plenty of ride-sharing statistics to back this up.  It is important to know, if you were a passenger in an Uber or Lyft, or were hit by an Uber or Lyft, regardless of who is at fault, you may have a substantial case.

    Uber or Lyft Accident Settlement

    The Uber and Lyft Bill are required to carry at least $1 million for bodily injury coverage when they are providing a ride and $50,000 when they are logged on but have no ride. Additionally, Uber and Lyft carry Uninsured Motorist Coverage. This is a very big deal. If you are a passenger in an Uber or Lyft and the negligent driver hits the vehicle you are in, you will make a claim against the at-fault driver. If that driver does not have insurance or has only minimal coverage, Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UM), is vital to adequately protect you and compensate you for injuries and damages sustained.

    Four Steps to Take After an Uber Accident - uber accident lawyer Florida4 Steps to Take After an Uber Accident

    If you have ever been involved in a uber accident, you already know that the moments immediately following the wreck can be disorienting and confusing. But there are a few things that everyone should be sure to do immediately following a car crash. This is also very important if you are involved in a wreck with an Uber or Lyft vehicle, as there are special considerations that need to be taken into account when dealing with rideshare companies. Here are the steps you need to take following a rideshare accident.

    1. Get help—The first thing that anyone should do following any type of car accident is to notify the authorities and, if necessary, paramedics. If you are injured in any way, you should call 911 immediately. It is also usually a good idea to get checked out by a medical professional even if you are not showing any immediate signs of injury. Sometimes an injury may take some time to become apparent and you want to get checked out first so that you don’t suffer long-term issues later on. In addition, the police should be called so that they can fill out a detailed accident report for insurance purposes and help to ascertain who is at fault in the crash.
    2. Get information—Another major step is to get the information of the other driver involved in the wreck. This should include things like their name, driver’s license number, and insurance information. If they are transporting passengers, you should be sure to find out if they are rideshare drivers and, if so, be sure to get the contact information for their rideshare company. If you are a rideshare passenger who is injured, you should get your driver’s information. Finally, be sure to talk to any witnesses to the accident and get their names and phone numbers as they may need to be called as witnesses.
    3. Get pictures—Almost everyone these days is carrying a cellphone with a digital camera. That should make it easy to get pictures of the accident scene including the position of the vehicles, the damage done, and other surroundings including skid marks.
    4. Call an Attorney—The final step is to contact an Uber attorney who has experience handling rideshare accident cases. You may not have any plans to bring forth an immediate lawsuit, but you still need to speak with a uber accident lawyer who can apprise you of your rights and help to protect you should the case go to court.

    Steps to Prove Uber Accident at Fault

    Here are three additional things Wolf & Pravato want to drive home to our clients. First, many of these drivers may have cameras on their dashboard, so be aware of your surroundings and take note if you see one.

    • If an incident does occur, you can always request a copy of the video, which can serve as evidence for a case.
    • Secondly, you should take pictures of the accident scene and vehicles involved, if you are able to do so.
    • Third, contact Wolf & Pravato, PA immediately. Time is of the essence in many cases, for example; we may need to have an engineer inspect the vehicles involved in the accident to prove fault and vehicles are quickly disposed of or repaired. This can destroy a case. Call and speak to our attorneys as soon as you can.

    Call Experienced Lawyers For Your Uber Accident Lawsuit

    In the event that you have been injured in an Uber, Lyft, or other rideshare accident and you need a law firm in your area, those can alert the proper authorities about the accident and take the appropriate steps to ensure that your rights are protected and you receive the proper care and compensation.

    How Uber Insurance Lawyers Can Help in My case?

    Let us handle the process of pursuing the payout you need and deserve. We can take on your legal case while you focus on healing from your physical wounds. We will investigate the accident, prove fault and liability, and aggressively pursue a fair settlement based on the severity and nature of your losses. If we do not believe the settlement offers to compensate you for your damages, we will not hesitate to take your case to court.

    Determining the Value of Your Uber Accident Case

    Whenever you are involved in a uber accident of any kind, it is natural to feel confused about what to do next. The trauma of the accident and a lack of knowledge of the law can leave you with a lot of questions. One of the most common questions asked by car crash victims who are bringing forth a lawsuit is how much compensation they might be able to receive. This is not the easiest question to answer because there are several different factors that can affect your compensation. One of the newer complications to this is the advent of rideshare cars such as Uber and Lyft that are on the road. Here’s a breakdown of what goes into determining your compensation in a rideshare-related vehicle crash.

    • The first and most important aspect that goes into determining how much you can get in compensation is the extent of your injuries. One of the first things you will need to show documentation of is your medical treatment so that your attorney can determine what injuries you have sustained and what you can get in reparation for those injuries. This is why it is of utmost importance to get medical treatment immediately after the accident. If you wait, the opposing attorney may be able to say that the injuries are not so severe or were caused by something other than the accident. Your doctor will also be asked to estimate your projected medical care costs from the accident as these future medical costs (including rehabilitation and physical therapy) will also figure into your compensation.
    • The next area that can impact your compensation is economic losses. This is also a two-pronged area. First, compensation can cover immediate economic loss such as lost wages in the present as you recover from the car crash. It also includes future earning losses if you cannot continue to work after your accident due to your injuries or potential disabilities.
    • The third compensation factor is “pain and suffering.” This can be awarded by a judge or jury on the basis of a daily amount to compensate the victim for the physical pain and emotional suffering that they have faced since the accident.
    • If the defendant is found to have acted in a grossly negligent manner (such as through drinking and driving), then he can also be ordered to pay punitive damages which are meant to punish the driver for his actions.
    • The final factor in determining your compensation is the insurance coverage from the rideshare company. In general, Uber and Lyft drivers have a $250,000 coverage limit if there is no passenger in the car, but a $1,000,000 limit if the driver is en route to pick up or drop off a passenger. Uber Accident Claims

    The Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato Can Maximize Your Uber Insurance Coverage

    Ultimately, one of the most important factors is the law firm that you choose to represent you. An experienced firm can help to maximize your compensation. The attorneys at the law offices of Wolf & Pravato are the Lyft accident lawyers that you need representing you if you have been injured by a rideshare vehicle driver. We can help you get the compensation that you deserve. Contact us today for a consultation to review your case and apprise you of your rights in this matter.

    Talk to a Lawyer About Your South Florida Accident Today

    If you or a member of your family suffered injuries while riding as a passenger in an Uber, Lyft, or another rideshare, you may be able to file an insurance claim based on a $1 million policy provided by the rideshare company. The Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys from the Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato can review your case for free and ensure you understand your legal rights and options before we take any action on your behalf.

    Our Lawyers Will Help in Your Uber Insurance Coverage

    Our caring and attentive staff are responsive to your needs and will answer any questions or concerns you have. We can pursue the payout you need and deserve after a rideshare accident. Let us get started on your case today. Call 954-633-8270 to discuss your accident with a member of your team. We can take on your case at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

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