Life-Changing Mobile Apps for People with Brain Injury


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, Life-Changing Mobile Apps for People with Brain Injury

New mobile applications (“apps”) are being developed every day for help with almost everything and many of them provide health benefits— from eating better, counting calories, and sleeping better. Why, there’s even a virtual lap band app to simulate a lap band operation with hypnosis. With so many apps coming and going, it’s hard to stay on top of it all. , a national multimedia website provides information to prevent and treat traumatic brain injury as well as helpful tips and tools to live with TBI. Their mission is to serve anyone whose life has been affected by TBI, including people with brain injury, their families, and professionals in the field.

They have compiled an impressive list of 45 apps for mobile devices for people suffering from a brain injury, and their families and caregivers. The list gives the name of the app, which devices it can be used on, a thorough description, price and what the app can help you with.

The BrainLine team says “We sorted through many resources to compile this list of apps for mobile devices for people with a brain injury, their families and caregivers.

Some of these apps have proven to be especially helpful for people with brain injury. The phone can be used to remind you of an upcoming appointment or to take medication, or it can be used like a traditional paper notebook to keep all your addresses, telephone numbers, calendar items, lists, and ideas.”

Alternatively, you can view slideshows of iOS apps or Android apps which gives a description of the app and picture of the app that you can pause and resume with a click of a button. The provided links take you directly to the App store for easy download.

Once in the app store, read through all of the comments before downloading to make sure the app meets your needs and got good reviews. These 45 amazing apps can provide assistance with dealing with traumatic brain injuries. With the fast rate apps are being developed, it’s worth your while to check back often to see what new apps are out there to help you live the best life you can. It should be interesting to see how medicine and technology continue to grow together, providing new and convenient ways to stay healthy, monitor your ailments and improve the quality of life for people suffering from illnesses and injuries.

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