Car Accident in Fort Lauderdale? What to Do if It Happens to You.


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Car Accident in Fort Lauderdale?

Car accident statistics from 2017 show that Broward County is one of the most dangerous areas in Florida for drivers. The truth is, however, that you never really think about how terrible it is to be in a car accident in Fort Lauderdale until you pass one onI-95, or even worse:

Unless you were involved one of the 48,000 car accidents in our area last year.

As of the end of 2017, Miami saw, on average, 4,000 car accidents per month. Break this number down even further, and things get scarier. There is one crash happening every four minutes in South Florida, and even worse than this, is the fact that around 300 of these Miami car accidents ended up being fatal every single year.

When it comes to car accidents in Florida, even the slightest of fender benders can leave you feeling out of sorts.  Injuries are still possible in less-catastrophic collisions, with recent data suggesting that even a fender bender at 5mph can cause whiplash and neck pain in the days to follow, and here’s why:

With whiplash, the force to the neck is violent and sudden and is not filtered through the neck musculature. Hence, those with thinner or weakened necks (i.e. women and those who have had prior neck injury) are more prone to the effects of whiplash, which can occur from an impact to the car as low as 3G’s.”

Of course, with car accidents that happen at a faster rate of speed, you’re likely to experience more severe injuries with long-term effects – if not worse.

Our main goal at Wolf & Pravato, a leading car accident, and personal injury law firm in Fort Lauderdale, is to ensure that you are properly treated, cared for, and compensated in the event that you are the victim of an auto accident in Fort Lauderdale or the greater South Florida area. Wolf & Pravato distinguish themselves by the other personal injury law firms in the area by decades of experience and the legal resources to handle virtually any case involving injury to families or individuals.

At Wolf & Pravato, your case is guaranteed to be handled by an experienced Fort Lauderdale car accident attorney, coupled with the most innovative and knowledgeable legal support staff in the profession.  Wolf & Pravato is progressive and trusted within the legal community and often called upon to settle cases that other personal injury law firms may not be able to handle on their own. Whether by trial or strategic negotiation, Wolf & Pravato is dedicated to providing tireless legal representation in every aspect of your case so that you can return to normalcy in your life.

We have handled thousands of car accident cases in the last 21 years, and with each case, we tend to learn a little bit more about our community and how to best serve our clients. Our goal is to empower each client to know every step they should take should they find themselves the victim of a car accident.

After all, it’s the steps you take in those first few moments following your collision that can ultimately determine how your case plays out in court.

Here are Wolf & Pravato’s top tips for what to do after a car accident:

Don’t Move

Whether or not your car has damage, it is imperative that you stay in your car and wait for emergency personnel to come and assess the situation. Often times, the driver who was hit will let the other driver leave the scene if they don’t suspect damage to their car, only to wake up the next day with neck pain, body aches, and a car that doesn’t seem to be running right. No matter the severity of the crash, assess the damage to your car and then stay put until help arrives.

Call the Police

Again, even if you assume that damages are minor and physical harm has not occurred, you are much better off with a police report. If you find issues with your car in the days following an accident or if you begin to experience pain, having this police report will make things much easier should you choose to open a case with your insurance company or hire an attorney to take on your personal injury suit.

Stay Safe

Your safety is everything. Not all car accidents happen on the right side of the road, meaning you could be stuck in the center lane of a fast-moving highway. Put your hazard lights on, keep your seatbelt fastened while you’re in the car, and light flares if you have them. The bottom line, make sure the traffic around you can see you from a distance.

Take Pictures

These days, we’re using pictures to document just about anything, and the same should be implored after your car accident. Thanks to modern technology, there is almost no excuse to not capture images of the damages incurred during your car accident. This will not only help your insurance company, it will serve as proof for your attorney to use in court during your personal injury trial. Make sure to photograph all of the cars involved as well, to give a clear picture of the total accident damage.

Exchange Insurance Information

This is what car insurance was made for. Insured motorists should have no problem sharing their insurance information with you following your auto accident, and it’s important to also jot down driver’s license numbers, license plate numbers, and the home address of the other parties involved. If you suspect that any of the other drivers are not insured, make sure to at least get their license plate information so that you have it on record should you choose to file a suit.

Call an Auto Accident Attorney at The Law Offices of Wolf & Pravato!

A personal injury attorney will be an essential asset to your case should you have extensive damages or injuries following your car accident. Be wary of attorneys who seek you out, visit you at the scene of your crash, or solicit you while under medical care. Only work with a trusted legal professional, one like the personal injury attorneys at Wolf & Pravato, so that you can rest assured that your case will be in good, trusting hands.

If you’ve been the victim of a car accident in Florida and you have questions about a possible case, contact us today for a free consultation.

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