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What can be recoverable in product liability lawsuits?


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    Recoverable Damages in product liability lawsuits

    Every day, we purchase mass-produced products from stores. Unfortunately, with mass production, quality checks can be seldom or nonexistent. This can lead to an injury from a product that is defective and was not found by the manufacturer before you purchased and used it. If you or a loved one were injured by a manufacturer’s defective product, liability can determine the damages that you may be able to collect.

    The damages you can recover through product liability lawsuits vary with the types of injuries you have encountered. Most compensation will be determined by the amount of financial losses you have experienced due to this accident. It can include:

    • Medical bills and expenses
    • Lost wages and future inability to work
    • Mental pain and suffering
    • Property damage
    • Permanent physical damages or disfigurement

    To help the court or jury make the decision of how much product liability compensation you will receive, you will explain how you were injured and supply any necessary evidence such as the products itself, eyewitness accounts and photos, and/or video that gives support for product liability lawsuits.

    You also may have to provide medical records that document what your current medical conditions are and what they may be in the future. By collecting all of this information after an accident, you and your lawyer can increase the odds of a favorable outcome for your product liability lawsuit stemming from a seriously defective product injury.

    Getting Help from a Personal Injury Lawyer

    We represent clients with devastating injuries and implement immediate investigations to determine if a product defect was involved in causing injuries or death. Because of the complexities of product liability lawsuits, it is very important to preserve the evidence, to ensure the scene is secured and documented and that all critical testimony be taken.

    Once these steps are taken, we can then perform our detailed analysis and examination to identify all potential aspects of the product defect case.

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