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Personal Injury Cases Settle After a Deposition


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    Deposition is Settlement

    Personal Injury Cases are often the most time-consuming lawsuits, including detailed trials and in-depth interrogations. Given the complex nature of such cases, attorneys are primarily aimed at resolving disputes with early settlements. 

    Not always does a personal injury case concludPersonal Injury Cases Settle After a Depositione with a trial, but many of them reach a settlement before that. While the road to settlements is long, there are multiple aspects associated with it. Whether it is the facts presented by the plaintiff, arguments put forward by the defendant, and the witnesses’ statements— all contribute to directing the case towards mutual resolution.

    Studies suggest that only 5% of cases proceed towards trials while 95% of them settle on pre-triat l terms. With such statistics in place, the chances of resolving your cases outside the courtroom are evident; all it requires is attentive scrutinizing of facts and information. 

    Before jumping onto settlements, it is vital to go through each and every detail of the case to have a better negotiation. Cross-questioning the accused and collecting all the relevant data helps build a stronger case which aids in getting a fairer compensation amount. 

    Can Personal Injury Cases settle after a Deposition?

    A deposition is a stage of questioning the other party or the witnesses and recording them for further references. These statements are taken under oath and serve to be integral evidence for proving your side during the trials. 

    The defendants, usually the large corporations and businesses, try to resolve the matter outside the courts to maintain their social image. Once the long interrogations and confrontations are done, there are chances of your personal injury case to settle without the need for a trial. 

    More often than not, the conclusion of a deposition brings with it a firm resolution of how much the defendant was at fault and how he should compensate for it. This is the reason why a large number of cases culminate before landing on the judge’s table. 

    How is a Personal Injury Settlement reached?

    Personal Injury cases are often one of the most severe lawsuits where the plaintiff is highly impacted due to the accident. 

    It is essential to look into each aspect before quoting a settlement amount that compensates for the pain, discomfort, and loss of income the individual has to go through. Here is how the case proceeds, concluding on a settlement. 

    Personal Injury Pleadings

    Once the plaintiff files a compensation claim for the injuries that occurred in an accident due to the negligence of the other party, the complaint is sent to the defendant. 

    There is often a set time period within which the defendant is expected to respond, failing which the case is automatically given in the plaintiff’s favor. These pleadings are likely to defy one another and contest the claims filed. 


    This is one of the most important and usually the most extended steps in the pre-trial phase for a personal injury case. Here both parties try to gather as much information as possible that proves to be valuable for strengthening their case. 

    Attorneys from both the plaintiff and defendant’s sides are free to use a number of methods during the discovery stage. This includes written questionnaires, making requests for productions or depositions. 

    These recorded pieces of evidence and statements hold immense importance in the eyes of the law when it comes to proving your side of the story. 

    Personal Injury Settlements

    Personal Injury Cases Settle
    The evidence collected during a deposition helps solidify the case better and takes it in the right direction. These interrogations also enable the lawyers to spot the weaknesses of the other party and bring their own strengths to light. 

    Settlements are reached once all the arguments are on the table and the need for considerable compensation is well stated. 

    Personal Injury Trial

    At times, even after the long duration of discovery, lawyers from each side are unable to find a midway. This takes away the scope of settlements and drives the case to trials. Interestingly, the majority of cases that go for trials end up losing the case. 

    When we talk about personal injury cases, the decision of whether your case will go for trials or not depends on how the insurance company cooperates with you. In case you hit an agreeable compensation amount after the deposition, you can have an amicable settlement without the need to enter the courtrooms. 

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