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Boca Raton Regional Hospital Gets $25 Million Donation for New Neuroscience Program


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    Bernie Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot, and his wife, Billie, donated $25 million to the Regional Hospital , in Boca Raton, to fund a neuroscience institute. This is the biggest donation the hospital has ever received. According to hospital officials, this type of facility is desperately needed and will be the first of its kind to treat strokes, neurological cancers, and brain tumors and injuries in South Florida. Slated to open in 2014, the center will create about 100 new jobs and hopes to draw nationally recognized doctors and researchers.

    The Marcuses have been recognized philanthropists for many years and have donated money to causes that include autism and a center in Atlanta that treats patients with spinal cord and brain injuries. This is why they decided to dedicate this donation specifically for a neuroscience center.

    The planned facility will be 52,000 square feet and will include a neuro intensive care unit. A Biplane Angiography Suite is also planned, which will allow physicians to produce detailed, 3-D images simultaneously from 2 regions of the head. This technology improves the ability to diagnose and treat certain brain cancers and injuries accurately.

    Patients in this facility also may receive treatment from Boca Regional’s Eugene M. & Christine E. Lynn Cancer Institute, creating a treatment partnership. This gives patients the opportunity to access an array of treatments and therapies from renowned physicians. Recent studies show that centers dedicated specifically to neuroscience have lowered mortality rates and hospital stay lengths for those with serious brain injuries and diseases.

    Boca Regional Hospital was founded in 1967 and is known as a leader in oncology. It was awarded the 2011 Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence Award and ranks top for cardiac services and surgeries and stroke treatment.  learn more about boca raton car accident attorney

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