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The Top 10 Cars for Staying Safe in Florida’s Rainy Summers


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    Cars for Staying Safe in Florida’s Rainy Summers

    Summertime storms in Florida can cause slippery roads, poor visibility, and many other road hazards with which even excellent drivers have difficulty. Factors such as tire traction, the field of vision, and safety features are some of the things to consider when buying a new car in Florida to help increase your safety during rainy travels. Please contact our Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer for more legal help.

    There are many things to consider about a vehicle’s safety when choosing your new car, and if you’re looking to see which models perform better than others in the rain, check out these 10 options: 

    • Rolls Royce Phantom;
    • Subaru Legacy;
    • Chevrolet Monte Carlo;
    • Infiniti Q45;
    • Cadillac CTS;
    • Volkswagen Passat (with 4Motion);
    • Jaguar X-Type;
    • Toyota Echo;
    • Volvo S40; and
    • MINI Convertible (just make sure the top is kept closed!).

    Many of these vehicles come with enhanced safety features for rainy driving, like the Passat’s 4motion all-wheel-drive. The compact design of many models, such as the MINI Convertible and Volvo S40 help provide better stability and traction on wet roads.

    Remember that rainy-day driving means being extra aware of your surroundings, maintaining safe speeds, and compensating for more breaking and turning time due to wet roads. If all drivers followed these precautions, Florida’s roads would be much safer in the rain!

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