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Uber and Lyft ride-sharing services have completely changed how people get around in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach. Uber completes more than 15 million trips per day; 15 billion worldwide. With so many drivers working for Uber and Lyft on the city’s busiest streets, it might just be a matter of time before you find yourself involved in an Uber or Lyft accident in Fort Lauderdale.

WHAT DO YOU DO? If Uber or Lyft driver’s negligence caused the accident, Uber or Lyft could be responsible. Following an Uber or Lyft accident, it is essential to obtain as much available data as possible about the at-fault driver. A Transportation Network Company (TNC) like Uber must maintain driver records for at least one year following the driver’s departure from the TNC. Contact the Uber Accident Attorneys at Wolf & Pravato and we will make sure that all of your rights are protected. At a minimum, an injured party’s attorney should demand the following for the Uber/Lyft driver:

Full driving record

Any passenger complaints or other negative feedback, either from the app itself or online

Safety inspection reports and vehicle maintenance records

In-vehicle monitoring reports

The preservation of data is important in these types of cases and a primary reason that it is better to speak to an attorney sooner rather than later.


Under Florida’s Uber and Lyft Law, Uber and Lyft (transportation network companies TNC) must follow rules regarding who may drive for them and what kind of insurance coverage they must carry. Under the law, the coverage available depends on the driver’s status at the time of the wreck.

App on, no passenger. Uber and Lyft’s liability policy covers people injured by the Uber driver while available for passengers, but waiting for a request. The liability coverage in this scenario is $50,000/$100,000 bodily injury liability coverage and $25,000 property damage liability coverage.

On the way to pick up a passenger. Uber and Lyft’s policy covers their liability, or fault, for injuries to people in the amount of $1 million in total liability coverage.

With passenger in vehicle. The same policy as when the Uber driver is on the way to pick up a passenger applies when the rider gets in the vehicle, $1 million in coverage. This extends to passengers in the Uber/Lyft, regardless of who is at fault. This coverage also extends to vehicles, bikes and pedestrians hit by the Uber or Lyft driver.

Offline. If the driver is not using the Uber app and unavailable to pick up passengers, then the driver’s personal insurance policy applies.

Can I sue Uber?

The Uber and Lyft Law also requires them to run background checks on all drivers; criminal and driving records. By law, no one with any of the following convictions in the past five years may drive for a rideshare company:

Any felony

DUI misdemeanor

Misdemeanor hit-and-run or fleeing or eluding police

Misdemeanor sexual battery or violent crime

Indecent exposure/ lewdness

Driving with a revoked or suspended license

Uber and Lyft are also subject to Florida’s Consumer Protection statutes. These laws protect consumers from misrepresentations, deceptive advertising, and unfair trade practices.


Drivers are continuously distracted as they rely on their mobile phones for business and on the GPS systems for locations; THEY ARE CONSTANTLY DISTRACTED DRIVERS!

Inexperienced drivers

Unfamiliar to areas driven

Background checks for Uber and Lyft may not be thorough and this exposes passengers to criminal acts.


Pursuing full compensation requires a careful analysis and an understanding of the accident’s impact on your life. The Uber Accident Attorneys at Wolf & Pravato fight to win every case and to maximize every claim. Your recovery could include any of the following:

  • Past, ongoing and future medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering (past and future)
  • Emotional distress
  • Prescription medication, medical equipment
  • Therapy and rehabilitation expenses (past and future)
  • Accessibility and remodeling accommodations
  • Property damages
  • Lost wages (past and future)
  • Loss of consortium for a Spouse
  • Wrongful death compensation for victim’s estate and the family

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