Dealing with the Insurance Adjuster’s Attempts to Reduce Insurance Claims Values


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Dealing with an insurance adjuster can be an unpleasant experience. According to the Florida Crash Records Database, 338,112 Florida residents were involved in car accidents in 2010.

Many of these accidents likely involved insurance claims. Insurance adjusters strive to keep money in the company’s pockets, so they may attempt to find any way possible to deny or lower the value of your claim. Don’t deal with the insurance company alone. An injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale can offer advice on dealing with an insurance adjuster. 

Do Not Understate Your Injuries 

When filing insurance claims and dealing with an insurance adjuster, the most important thing to remember is to watch what you say. Even things said in most casual conversations can be fodder for a lowball offer.

For example, when the insurance adjuster asks how you are feeling, our usual reaction is to say we are “fine,” no matter how much pain we are in. However, “fine” to an insurance adjuster means that you really are not in pain and therefore you could be accused of dishonesty.

If the adjuster asks how you are feeling, honesty is the best policy. Do not undermine your injuries. Do not tell the adjuster that you feel fine and probably won’t see the doctor. This is because if the pain worsens and you do have to see a doctor, you may be labeled as exaggerating your injuries.

Remember, your settlement depends on the severity of your injuries, so if you tell the insurance company you have little to no injuries, your offer may be close to nothing. It is best to contact an injury attorney in Fort Lauderdale before talking to or attempting to deal with the insurance adjuster.

Don’t Be Afraid to Say “No”

If the adjuster asks to record your conversation, do not agree to do so until you have spoken with an injury attorney .

Insurance companies want to settle your claim as quickly as possible. They typically do not want you to consult with lawyers after an accident. They may try to get you to agree to an initial lowball offer soon after the accident. They may also ask you to sign a medical authorization or other paperwork.

However, you have the right to pursue legal action. Just politely tell them, “no,” and contact an attorney right away to file the insurance claim. Do not sign any documents or agree to any recorded statements without your lawyer’s approval.

Beware of an Investigation 

If you have suffered a severe injury , you may be under intense scrutiny. Insurance companies often hire investigators to catch potential acts of insurance fraud. Therefore, it is important to be honest with the insurance companies as well as your attorney.

For example, don’t say that you are unable to walk when you’re really suffering a relatively minor leg injury because if they have evidence of you walking and participating in normal, everyday activities, your case may be thrown out. The truth will eventually resurface, so be upfront about the extent of your injuries. Medical professionals will also need to validate your claim.

Overall, when filing insurance claims, be polite and honest but don’t share too much information. The adjuster is not your friend nor is he or she on your side. 

Importance of Hiring an Injury Attorney in Fort Lauderdale

Dealing with an insurance adjuster can be frustrating. An injury attorney at Wolf & Pravato in Fort Lauderdale can provide assistance with the claims process. Call us today at (954) 522-5800 for help with your claim and dealing with an insurance adjuster.

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