Can I pursue compensation in a defective products claim even if I didn’t own the product that caused me injury?


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    Defective products injure consumers every day when manufacturers or retailers are negligent in the design, manufacture and sales of consumer goods. Because defective products law varies from state to state and can be unique to the type of situation you are in, a product liability law attorney may be necessary to handle a defective product claim when you did not own the product yourself.

    Typically in this type of claim, the injured victim or their household must own the product that caused injury to be able to claim negligence under defective products law. However there are many cases where a victim can file a product liability claim when they did not own the product.

    If you can prove that you were rightfully allowed to use the product and that you were using it in a reasonable manner, you may still be able to claim that the manufacturer or seller is responsible for your damages. This can often be a tricky claim to negotiate, and a product liability law attorney can help you determine your rights.

    Remember that to have any type of defective product claim you need to prove that: 

    • the defective products in question were being used in a reasonable manner;
    • the defective products were used without alteration; and
    • you sustained damages directly related to product use.

    If you have these elements, you may still have a valid product liability claim on your hands even if you did not personally own the product.

    If you are questioning whether or not you can file a claim or would like help with applying defective products law to your injury case, reach out to legal support.

    A Product Liability Law Attorney Can Help with a Defective Product Claim 

    Defective products can cause serious injury and property damage resulting in medical bills, unexpected expenses, and the potential for long-term disability.

    If you or a loved one has suffered serious injury or death from dangerous or defective products, contact us immediately. We will answer all of your questions, explain your rights under and help you to seek compensation through a claim. Justice is not automatic, and we will fight for your rights. Wolf and Pravato are based in Fort Lauderdale, but an attorney from our firm is here to help all victims and their families from Miami to Ft. Myers. Call 954-633-8270.


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