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Bacteria Found in Sam’s Club Simply Right Baby Wipes


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    Bacteria Found in Sam’s Club Simply Right Baby Wipes


    The popular brand of baby wipes – Simply Right- sold at the big box store, Sam’s Club since June of this year has been removed from the shelves. The wipes were found to have bacteria that could make kids sick. This voluntary recall by Sam’s Club was initiated after the manufacturer, Nutek Disposables, Inc., found packages with B. Cepacia bacteria. While this bacteria poses a little medical risk to healthy children, it has the potential to make children with chronic health problems or a weakened immune system to be more susceptible to infections.

    Sam’s Club says, “We’re communicating with members who have recently purchased the item so they understand the quality concerns and can return their product to Sam’s Club for a full refund.” They have sent the message via email, but some customers say they never received a notice about the recall. It’s hard to get the word out through email. It could easily go to the junk folder, bounce, or simply not be opened.

    One customer had no idea the wipes his family uses on their baby had been recalled. “That’s very disturbing,” he said. Parent, Courtlyn Williams agrees, “This is so terrible, I don’t even want to think about it, the thought just makes me cringe.” A worker at one daycare center did not know about the recall until a concerned parent told the staff.

    Even though Sam’s Club is making efforts to communicate with members, you can help get the word out. If your child goes to daycare or preschool, inform the staff about the recall and make sure if they purchased Simply Right baby wipes from Sam’s Club that they stop using them. If you know parents with small children who use diapers and wipes, forward them this article.

    Even parents of healthy kids do not want the wipes anywhere near their kids. If you have the wipes, you can return to them to Sam’s Club for a full refund.

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